Reasons to start Training

Physical  fitness

 improve levels of physical fitness, according to the age of the trainees and their level


The ability to maintain restraint and to use self-defense only when there is no other option.

Attention & Concentration

The exercise improves the attention and concentration skills among children, youth and adults.

Flexibility & strength

Strength and flexibility exercises adapted to the age of the trainees improves the range of movement and control of the body.


 Integration of hand and foot coordination exercises, coordination and agility for full control of the body.

Required Field‬‏
Required Field‬‏
שדה זה הוא חובה.

Yeela Elyashar


Ilan Fadlon




"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles"

Christopher Reeve

Starting at age 4, students will learn exercises that combine fitness, strength, flexibility and coordination.

Basic trainings: posture, self-control, understanding when to use combat contact.

Training that develops attention and concentration among children.

At this early stage, children can learn the values of mutual respect and patience.

The children move up the ladder by passing small exams called "exam-to-stripe." The exam consists of self-defense techniques

Assuming the students present the exercises at the required level, they receive a belt, After the students master the exercises required at each level, they receive a belt for the next level.

Exercises that combine self-defense techniques, physical fitness exercises, strength exercises, station training, work on combat exercises, simulations and even exercises from the world of boxing.

Although the training program is determined by the Krav Maga syllabus, the advanced students training combines a variety of techniques of combat exercises, defense against attacks, a variety of important self-defense exercises such as suffocating releases and collisions, defenses against knife stabbing and stick attack.

For more experienced students, emphasis is placed on aggressiveness, agility and quick response. Less experienced students who progress in the ranks progress at a certain pace, with a minimum period of time between the ranks.

Our success

Krav maga in the I.D.F
Many K.M.IL adults have joined the army as battle-contact instructors
חגורות שחורות
Black Belts
Some of our back belts started the training at the age of 4.
lydia Boingo
.Lydia started training at age 77. She now has a brown belt and still trains twice a week.
Einat Miller
.Eint suffers from multiple sclerosis. She has been training since 2004. She is now a black belt and a Wingate graduate instructor

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