Master Ilan Fadlon

Black belt - dan 6
certification: Krav Maga Instructors Course, Wingate Institute, Israel; Martial Arts Instructors Course, Wingate Institute, Israel
.Master Ilan Fadlon - Chairman at the K.M.IL - Krav Maga Israel organization

.Ilan Fadlon has been training Krav Maga since 1981

.Black belt since 1988

ilan kid

Master Ilan Fadlon was born in 1971 in Pardes Hana, Israel.

He began his training in Krav Maga when he was 10 years old under the instruction of grand master Haim Zut, red belt 10th Dan and president of the "Krav Maga – Haim Zut" organization, and under Master Uri Refaeli (red belt, 8th dan), himself a senior instructor under Haim Zut.

Krav Maga soon became a very important part of Ilan’s life, who spent most of his childhood doing sport activities. Ilan felt that Krav Maga contributed much to shaping his personality and taught him self-confidence and discipline. By the early age of 17 Ilan was certified black belt 1st dan by Krav Maga's founder, the late Imi Lichtenfeld.

During that time Ilan successfully graduated from the Krav Maga instructors' course at the Wingate Institute in Netanya and started training groups of students in Pardes Hana. Ilan quickly earned a reputation as a talented martial artist and gifted instructor and soon gained prominence among martial artists in the area.

Like most Israeli teenagers, Ilan was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces at age 18 and spent his military service in "bahad 20", a base serving as a military boarding school. Ilan was responsible for the training and education of groups of cadets for three years, gaining experience in working with teenagers with special needs. Ilan returned to Krav Maga instruction shortly after his discharge from the military and opened two training centers in Binyamina and Zichron Ya'akov, which eventually became two of the largest Krav Maga training centers in the country


Aside from instruction, Ilan initiates additional activities to promote Krav Maga and his students. These activities include training camps, workshops and seminars, "fight nights", self-defense courses, a demo team and more.

In 2013, after many years in which Ilan was a highly active instructor and member of the professional committee of "Krav Maga – Haim Zut", Ilan and his students decided to create K.M.IL, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the same principles originally set forth by Krav Maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld.

During the same year, Master Uri Refaeli, Ilan's longtime instructor, awarded him the rank of black belt 6th dan (a red-white belt), an honor rank to signify his professional achievements and contributions to developing Krav Maga and training a generation of practitioners.

In 1998, Ilan graduated from the Wingate Insistute's coure for Martial Arts Instructors with honors.

Many students spent countless hours under his supervision and guidance, some of them starting during preschool ages. Ilan takes great satisfaction from the physical, mental and professional development of his students.

To date Ilan has trained 20 students to black belt ranks, six of them ranked 2nd dan and higher.


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