Yeela Elyashar

grade: Black belt - dan 4
certification: Krav Maga instructor from Wingate institute.
Began to practice with Ilan Fadlon since: 1999
Yeela Elyashar,30 Zichron Yaakov, as a child grew up in Haifa and as a little girl was interested in martial arts. She practiced in judo, and kung fu But found no interest in these arts.


Over the years, Yeela experienced in different sports, she was a member of the elementary school athletics team and the basketball team: Maccabi Haifa youth.

At the age of 12.5 Yeela moved in with her family to Zihron Yaakov. Six months later, her younger brother enrolled Krav Maga course under coach Ilan Fadlon. Yeela, still searching for herself in the activities of athletics, basketball, football and represented this time the high school where she studied.

After two years at the recommendation of her brother, when she was 14.5 she joined Krav Maga. Yeela fell in love with the simplicity and the atmosphere during trainings.
At that time there were many boys of her class who trained in Krav Maga and had high ranks. Yeela trained with the youth group and when her training was over she stayed to watch the adult group training.
A year later, while in 10th grade she was asked at school to donate 60 hours to the community on behalf of the project "personal commitment". Yeela made a commitment to help coach Ilan Fadlon in instructing the Krav Maga groups in the Binyamina Community Center.
During this period she increased the pace of training and practiced in both groups - youth and adults.

On the adult group, she practiced with Avivit Choel Handel that was a role-model for her, training was difficult both from physical and mental standpoint, but they improved her professional level significantly.

Yeela, who felt that her destination is to be an instructor continued helping Ilan Fadlon with training many groups even after she finished the 60 hours required to do, and joined Ilan Fadlon at the Zihron Yaakov community center - where she was training herself, she began helping with training at the two community centers in parallel with accumulation of experience in teaching children. By that time she also started training at the Binyamina Community center, she was training for 6 hours every week!
At twelfth grade, when she was 17.5, she was tested for brown belt infront of the professional committee and she passed successfuly along with two other students.

A year later, she joined Wingate institution instructors course under the guidance of Haim Zut, where she met students from other training centers and other coaches. The course described as an amazing experience, personal acquaintance with members of the course and of course familiarity with the course coordinator: the Association President Mr. Haim Zut.


After the course Yeela successfully passed the test for a black belt 1st Dan in the Association's professional committee together with Yair Preiss. Yeela began to work as an instructor in different places, mainly with children and youth groups such as:  Tom School in Gan Shmuel - for teens with learning disabilities, a year in Pardes hanna "Ulpana Elisheva" - with religious girls, teaching them self defence, two years in Pardes Hanna Community Center, alongside Menny Mhabed and Haim Zut, Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael,Zihron Yaakov Community center, Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, daycares in Binyamina and Zihron Yaakov.

Since 2006 she has been instructing mainly at  the Community centers of Binyamina and Zihron Yaakov along with her coach Ilan, Kibbutz Gan - Samuel, daycares in Zihron Yaakov, Yeela also join the guidness of the "Krav Maga young pre-performance group" alongside Avivit, a group that prepares the children for the move to the preformance group "the Krav Maga performance team".

In 2013 Yeela began training the "Performance Team" along side Dikla Lev who is an Acrobatics coach, the team performs in various large occations such as "Krav Maga conventions" and end-of-the-year events.

In November 2007 Yeela was tested for 2nd dan black belt together with Avivit that ws tested for 3rd dan black belt.

At 2010 Yeela joind the Professional Instructors' coure at Wingate instatute and graduated as a certified Krav Maga coach ( wich is higher ranked than instructor).

At the year 2010, after finishing the course, Yeela was tested for 3rd dan, and passed successfully.

On April 2013, Master Ilan Fadlon decided to open a new organization called "K.M.IL - Krav Maga Israel " - the Imi Lichtenfeld Method, Yeela became vice chairman at the organization and part of the professional committee.

On April 2014, Yeela was tested for 4th dan along with Lea Dray who was tested for 3rd dan, they both passed that test successfully.

Yeela believes that every child should learn Krav Maga to ensure that they'll grow up to be a new generation of Krav Maga fighters with self-confidence, respect, tolerance and the ability to defende themselves.

Yeela keeps training as much as she can, adding running workouts.

Yeela admits that she is a better and different person, much confident and healthy, and she owns it to her coach Ilan Fadlon.


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