Yoni Bhonker

Grade: Black Belt - Dan 2

Certifications: Instructors course as Wingate institute, Began training in 2002 under  Master Ilan Fadlon.

Yoni began his way in Krav Maga as a result of a violent incident while visiting the movie theater. Another boy threatened him and his friend with a knife. The incident ended with no harm but Yoni realized he had no knowledge which could help him protect himself and his friends in similar incidents, so decided to start learning Krav Maga  .

He soon found himself moving to an intensive training routine and was chosen by Ilan Fadlon as an outstanding students a few times. In addition to this training he also helped teaching the young kids, teens and adults.

Yoni graduated the Krav Maga Instructors course at Wingate institute in the summer of 2004.


During October 2007 Yoni took part int the "Fight Quest" TV show from Discovery Channel, when they were filming in Israel
In 2013, with the opening of the K.M.IL organization, Yoni accepted the request of the instructors to serve as the Chairman and be in-charge of the business side of managing the new orgamization
Yoni has a PhD in  Molecular Genetics from the Tel Aviv University Medicine Faculty



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