K.M.IL – Krav Maga, the Imi Lichtenfeld Method


K.M.IL is a non-profit organization created to enable any member of the public to learn how to defend themselves. Additional goals of the organization are to address the needs of Krav Maga practitioners and promote and spread Krav Maga in Israel and abroad in the most professional manner possible.

K.M.IL continues the path set by the late founder of Krav Maga Imi Lichtenfeld, who developed the system for the Israel Defense Forces and later for civilians. Imi advocated the use of simple techniques, the absence of rules ("because there are no rules in the street") and avoiding violent situations if at all possible. Imi's system continues to evolve today, adopting any technique or maneuver found to be simple and efficient.

K.M.IL instructors work tirelessly to promote and preserve the professionalism and efficiency of Krav Maga. K.M.IL members enjoy varied training, preparation for rank tests, mock tests and extra training, all free of charge at the expense of the instructors' free time. These additional activities result from instructors' desire to advance and promote their students without compromising on professional standards.

K.M.IL is headed by Master Ilan Fadlon, 6th degree black belt (red-white belt), a veteran martial arts instructor with over 30 years of Krav Maga experience and hundreds of students trained under his supervision. K.M.IL's management is comprised mostly of Krav Maga practitioners, all of them black belts and instructors with many years of experience.

The organization includes 19 black belts, most of them certified instructors, and over 400 active students.

קרב מגע ישראל

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