Roy Elitzur

Grade: Black belt - Dan 3
Certifications: Krav Maga instructor from Wingate institute

Born in Binyamina at 16.01.1991, Started training Krav Maga in 1996 under the instruction of Master Ilan Fadlon.

Roy starteded training at 1996 when he was just 5 years old, his father encouraged him to learn Krav Maga, because he wanted Roy to develop self confidence and learn how to defend himself in case of an attack. His father was also a good friend of Shmuel Brener (R.I.P), who was 9th Dan balck belt in the Dennis Survival method and also one of the top students of Dennis Hanover.


Roy has been training for many years and is one of the loyal and top students of Ilan Fadlon. He was chosen as an outstanding student at his class for several times, due to his determination. At the age of 14 Roy started his intensive training program in the journey towards the Brown belt grading test and passed that test successfully A year later, when he was only 15, Roy passes the Black belt grading test and was one of the youngest black belts .

In 2007 Roy graduated the Krav Maga instructors course from Wingate institute, during that year he started helping Ilan Fadlon during the classes and was an assistant instructor.

Roy took part in the "Fight Quest" TV show from the Discovery Channel, when they were filmING in Israel.

On November 2008, Roy passed the 2nd dan black belt grading test along with Yoni Bhonker.


On August 2009 Roy joined the IDF and served in Unit 611 - The  positioning unit of the artillery corps and served as a warrior and an operator of the anti-artillery radar system, he was also the Krav Maga instructor at his unit. Even through his military service Roy kept training any time he had a chance.

On January 2010 Roy passed the Military Krav Maga instructors' course at "BAHAD" (Training base) 8, which is located by the Wingate institute. He graduated top of the course and got back to his unit, built a training program and  became the first Krav Maga instructor for this unit.

On August 2013 he was discharged with honor  from the IDF and got back to training intensively. He passed the national real-estate test and started working in a real-estate company in Binyamina. During that time he passed the "Advertising, marketing and management" course at the open university and became a certified Marketing Manager

On may 2013 Roy passed the 3rd dan balck belt grading test.

Today roy has a B.Des in Industrial Design from Hadassa academic college in Jerusalem and he is also a member of the K.M.IL management.

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